Paulette Carlson

Paulette Carlson, the creator of the legendary Band “Highway 101”, started out in life as the precocious daughter of a farming family from the northern Midwest state of Minnesota. At the age of five, the folks already knew that she was going to be something in the entertainment world. Paulette always marched to a different drum, dancing and singing for the town folks at every opportunity she had. Famous in a small town was not enough and at eighteen she was performing in a club band, writing music, and playing her guitar. Ten years of working night after night in the clubs only sharpened her desire to go out into the world and do more. She moved to Nashville and eventually put together the Band Highway 101. Within eighteen months she and the band were at the top of the charts and accepting the highest awards the country music community could offer.  Top group of the year awards for two years in a row from the academy of country music and the Country music Association pretty much confirmed that Paulette was a legend maker.