Mike & Amy Aiken

These life partners and sea captains have logged over 30,000 Bluewater miles sailing their boat from Nova Scotia to Europe to the Caribbean and beyond. They have crossed the seas and crisscrossed countries sharing the music born of their experiences. Mike’s original songs and stories are a celebration of the independent spirit found in characters they’ve encountered. On stage, Mike’s earthy voice and masterful work on assorted guitars are perfectly matched by Amy’s open heart, sweet harmonies and tasty percussion and drums. Whether performing as a duo, trio or full band, with or without video display, the Aikens have a way of turning audiences into friends and performance venues into their own back porch. Together they have produced seven nationally and internationally recognized albums and appeared in concert venues, clubs and festivals across North America and Europe. Recognizing the need to pay back and pass the music on, in 2005, Mike & Amy founded the Aiken & Friends Fest benefiting music education. When not on the road, Mike turns his attention to songwriting with partners in Austin and Nashville. His travels have been well chronicled since 2005 in Americana Rhythm Magazine. Amy also heads Northwind Records, an Indie label since 2002.