Nearly every single successful band who has ever been will tell you that the relationship between band members is very much like a marriage. When you spend hours, days, months and eventually years together, sit side by side through mile after mile as you travel the country, and watch as your creations are born and breathe the breath of life, then you pretty much have a true understanding of marriage. For Kerry and Donna Herrick, that bond was sewn with a double threaded needle being that they are, in fact, married, both literally and musically.

Their partnership started all the way back in junior high school, a couple of kids growing up together in Spokane, Washington.  Even then their love for each other was painfully obvious, both knowing they fit together perfectly in the great puzzle of adolescence. Kerry grew up with his 5 brothers and sisters surrounded by southern gospel music. His sister and cousin were professional musicians that comprised The Herrick Family Gospel Singers, so it was pretty much inevitable that music would carve a path under his feet. Donna was born a truly gifted singer, but her mother was the only person on the planet who knew it.  Painfully shy, she wouldn’t dare open her mouth to anyone else…that is until Kerry came along. Finally joining in and lending her voice as she watched him and his brother sing in their ritual jam sessions, Kerry could not believe his ears.

At that moment the die was cast and their musical chemistry set in motion.  Herrick is the patchwork of two lives long lived together.

Sewn up in organic composition and exquisite harmonies, theirs is a fabric held together with steel thread.